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Steel Shelves

We stock a large range of good quality used steel shelving from manufacturers such as Brownbuilt, Acrow, Dexion and Steelbilt to name a few. Previous to 1974 all measurements were in imperial measurements. For example "Feet " and "Inches". Now steel shelving comes in both Imperial and Metric measurements. If you measure the length of your shelf it may give you an indication of how old it is. For example 895 to 900mm is a metric size and 910 to 915mm (3 Foot) is an imperial size. ABSOE sells steel shelves to add to your existing bays or you can make up your own shelving units. Whether you are after complete bays or just components, our trained staff are there to help you with your specific needsIf you are unsure or would like more information please contact ABSOE Storage & Shelving.