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ABSOE Phone Technical Difficulties

ABSOE is currently experiencing technical difficulties with our phone system.

or email us at absoe.online@absoe.com.au until we have these issues resolved.

Australian Compatible Racking

ACR Pallet Racking is strong, durable and competitively priced. ACR Pallet Racking Frames are manufactured in Australia from high tensile 450 grade pre galvanised steel. This steel helps ACR maintain an efficient design while providing excellent load-bearing capacity. ACR's Pallet Racking Beams provide the optimum combination of structural performance, durability and cost-efficiency. ACR's two piece box beams are available in two lengths 2591mm or 2743mm, but can be customised to meet any specialised configuration that may be needed. For more information on ACR Pallet Racking please contact our Pallet Racking department.

Australian Compatible Racking